Zappon, a Natural-Modern House Design with Cool Environment


Zappon, is a modern house standing lengthwise, with a unique style of course. The house is formed on the walls of this wood, was in the midst of an environment that is rich in fresh air, green grass spreading, and towering trees with shade, add a beautiful landscape around the house.

Zapponknown a prolific cinematographer Denmark critically praised films like Okay and Aftermath . His home that he lives now is the place to generate creativity and to socialize with family. Immensed I-profile to build the main room that allows a full glass wall with four large sliding doors, opening onto the backyard.

Interior kitchen consists of board-fronted cabinets providing an ideal surface for writing list purchase. In the open kitchen, tall cabinets are coated with matte black paint that can be used as a blackboard, intelligent and practical use of surface space.

Bathrooms sense of adventure calls, with a minimalist design and texture, naturally illuminated with the same type of skylight that illuminated the bedroom wing.

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