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Wooden Kitchen Interior Idea

Wooden Kitchen Interior Design

Wooden Kitchen Interior Idea. Below, we present a contemporary wooden kitchen design with simple interior spaces. Minimalist touch of a concept space of this kitchen. With simplicity and a form that is not so luxurious. A touch of warmth to the strength of this kitchen. This kitchen has a versatile function that gives a lot of space. Here is the information that has been described by a team of designers: Below is a utility room / storage unfinished. A hydraulic scissor lift bolted to the cement, and then a small frame built on a scissor lift table. Above it is a subfloor, floor, and then the island. The doors of the cabinet on the other side, and safety push button switch that kills power of Smart Home Insteon switches, and prevent it from moving when the door is not closed entirely. This lift can easily raise more than £ 1,500, then it is an important safety feature.

Simple Kitchen with Wooden Element Style

Simple Kitchen with Wooden Element Style

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