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Winter Swedia House Idea by Vision division


Some views of the house in the middle of the snow, definitely worth a look. Shape with a minimalist interior is really an irregular rapid.Swedish home design can hypnotize every pair of eyes that wanted a modern house in a situation minimlais snow was falling.

Vision enterprise architecture division delivered an example of how traditional home design can be combined with modern architectural style. Clients want to have a deep red typical Swedish house with mullion windows (which is called in Swedish). Includes master bedroom, room for clothing care, work space, space for coffee and breakfast room.

Facing the park, window pillar covers the front facade of the house and be treated a little differently., Executed towards the inside of the manufacture of various types of racks .. Shelves where designed for different functions: Work Space, space for bersanatai, and enjoy coffee or breakfast, and lots of storage places for books, DVDs in the original sketch bath and fireplace, which is also part of the window but it must be transferred in accordance with the client’s wishes.

Landscape architect house was forced to divide the house into three tiers. Top level didesikan to relax more oriented to the master bedroom and a room to enjoy coffee or breakfast rack in the mullion. The middle part contains a cabinet that can be achieved from the levels above and below where apai with a storage timber mullion and ultimately a lower level, which works more to do with office space for clothes, small home in this mullion.

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