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Tips for Small Bathroom Design by b3-bond


The bathroom may be one of the most important issues to consider when you renovate your bathroom. The problem is when you only have small bathroom size. Everybody needs a comfortable bathroom where they can enjoy their bathing time. The following are some tips for small bathroom design.

Lighting in the bathroom is a very important factor. Reflected light can not be felt if not counting the light flux in the bathroom, so that dark colors absorb light and may give the impression of dullness in the bathroom, use light colors in order to provide a light and warm atmosphere in the bathroom You can also set up a window in the bathroom to be able to have natural light during the day.

Tips for Small Bathroom Design

Chose the cheerful colors for your bathroom. You can use bright colors such as white, yellow, or green to give the spacious effect. To make it more cheerful, add some other bright colors in some details in your bathroom.

Tips for Small Bathroom Design

The mirror plays an important role in the bathroom, in addition to use it is also to gives the large effect to the room. Adjust the size, don’t too small but don’t too large.

Tips for Small Bathroom Design

To save space, you can use different storage solutions, you can use the open shelves in the corner of the bathroom. Wall closet can also the great choice as the storage space so that you have not to add some other furniture. It will make your bathroom is organized perfectly. Decorative accents can be done by placing a small bowl with flowers, bamboo, orchids, candles, picture or a small lamp on the right mirror.

Tips for Small Bathroom Design

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