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The Beach House with Cube-Shaped in Peru by Martin Dulanto Arquitecto


The beach house is located in Lima, Peru. The beach house is designed by Martin Dulanto Arquitecto. Design and modern architecture became best efforts with the possibility of minimal cost and minimal use of materials. Beauty and economical are two parallel components that are widely used today minimalist home. Martin Dulanto Arquitecto created a structure fashionable, stylish and sleek design with futurist both in terms of materials and shades. P12 beach house is a house with two floors that resemble cubes and fully connected to the outdoors. The beach house construction featuring rectangular blocks at different scales are made of wood and exposed concrete. It is a mixture of simple yet elegant structure into a comfortable environment. The main building consists of a cube and of course the living room facing the quiet beach and park in front of the house. The use of large glass windows and a large interior on the beach house P12 gives a great look and minimalist. Thus blurring the boundaries between the home environment, so the sandy beach and the waves appear closer to the occupants.

Other medium-sized cube divides units into smaller luxury rooms and corridors. The beach house interior feels spacious and neat. Soft furnishings in earthy walls marked with yellow strips, glass table and stairs. To go to the upper floor, there are floating wooden staircase with glass railings, not only give a modern look to the design, but also adds to the simplicity of the design of the house. For a tropical-style house like the beach house, railing material that is suitable to be applied wood materials. Why? Elements of wood from the railing to give a natural feel to the interior of the room. To avoid monotony, you can get around with the glass material so as not to restrict the view. The beach house basement area accommodates 3 bedrooms with corresponding bathrooms and a courtyard with reflecting pool, service bedroom and service bathroom. The beach house P12 also features an outdoor barbecue area and a deck and a pool. White motif, which is the heart of the building create an overarching theme. And white motif makes minimalist and elegance to a home, can make you feel reluctant to set foot in this place because you may find it will pollute the beauty!

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