Terrace House, Classic-Modern Architecture by Ong&Ong


Terrace House, featuring architectural models of historic buildings into a more modern form. Building a distinctive style, looks elegant, combination ancient elements with modern elements that fit perfectly. The beauty of this building radiates from the elegant appearance, the classic ambiance of this charming and full of philosophy.

Rejuvenate an old historic building into a modern living space without compromising the historic character of the original structure is a work that is not possible for the international architecture Ong & Ong. This is what they have done in the traditional terrace house in Singapore.

Preservation of original elements of urban house lots, creating a nice contrast to it, a new feature ultra-modern.Dapur main-floor room and dining room which is located right at the entrance of the house, creating an ideal layout for socializing and entertaining. This warm welcome invites you to explore the house further, leading you through the concept of open-and-white interiors, bright and. Roof jack features clerestory windows that flood the home with more natural light.

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