TBWA, Natural Office Interior Design by Klein Dytham Architecture


The company TBWA / Hakuhodo, a company with an office that displays shades of green and natural. Interior design more display-based forms of wood, and garden ornaments of green grass that increasingly add cool atmosphere of this office. Some decorative trees also complement the beauty of the office space that increasingly looks more natural.

Klein Dytham Architecture has designed office interior design company sophisticating for TBWA \ Hakuhodo. Amusement park is the main idea was developed to capture the company’s identity as a fun and creative advertising company globally.

The office was previously developed from the old bowling alley in the entertainment complex eight major stories in downtown Tokyo, a modern office chamber collaboration between the two agencies and the designers.

Bowling alley is a big preference because they are column-free. Double height space is obtained by removing the ceiling. Court disturbance running through the middle of the room like a garden center and a series of shelters for meeting rooms, project rooms and director office produce small townscape in space, where the fields mentioned above untukruang runaway shelters make fun.

Entered office on the 6th floor. The floor acts as a receptionist, galleries and meeting rooms for external visitors. A wide staircase down to main floor area of the court arrived at the cafe disorders. Stepped seating and large plasma screens allow this space into a very flexible presentation space. This space is used not only by T \ H but also for collaborative events with their clients such as reception, product launch parties often lead to happiness.

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