Saijo Pyramid House Idea by Suppose Design Office


Saijo Pyramid House, featuring a unique house shape like a pyramid. Conical shape of the building upstairs. Lowest floor, surrounded by glass walls that light source from outside. This architecture combines elements of modern and primitive, so it does look very unique. Interior design also seems more simple with the right mix of  furniture.

Carried modern architecture with a touch of primitive can be a major task for the architects to explore. The SUPPOSE Design Office has come up with their latest designs a house in Saijo.

The strucutre The whole standing on a glass-enclosed main floor that gives the appearance of building the pyramids mengambang.Terletak in the hole, this house is surrounded by grassy hills that provide privacy to the ground floor is open.

Inside, contemporary style complement the ultra-modern.Sebuah exterior concrete floor houses the main concepts bukahidup-eat-kitchen. At the design center, a rural wooden staircase leads to the second floor at least, where a simple bathroom with a window overlooking the strike untukteras. From here, a second steel staircase leads to the upper level, where the walls come together and topped by skylights that shines all the way to the ground floor.

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