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Retire Modern House Design “M-House” by Morii’s Atelier and OUVI


M-House, a modern design house located in the vicinity of the cool mountains. This house-shaped box, like a combination of several shops arranged in a row, around a garden of flowers and green grass in front. Designnya quite simple, with modern elements of some interior equipment that occupies every corner of the space.

The house is located in Kanagawa, Japan, architect Masaki Mori from Morii’s Atelier and Shin Yokoo of OUVI building design has designed the M-House for couples who are planning to retire soon. The house is organized around a kitchen garden with large windows frame views of the surrounding cedar trees.

Architects tend to prefer ordinary material that is easily seen to be treated well in the quarter housing, such as aluminum sash with goods Louver door ofready-made for a flat roof and side board.

This house is really designed to delight the client them with nature. Seeing spices grown on the outside of the kitchen, and enjoy dining with familiy has conversations anthesis in the bank . Taking a nap on the couch, looking at the mountains in the distance, and fall asleep hearing the sound of insects at night. This is exactly the life that you can feel the nature around you. Hot, day, cold rainny and windy day.

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