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Relax with Beautiful Beach House by Marcio Kogan Architects


The beach is a tourist attraction that is often preferred by the tourists who like to travel and enjoy the beauty of nature. Resting place sometimes required by the settlers who did not have a place to live near the beach within the city or State which is far enough. Or indeed a house near the beach is a choice to live together with nature.

Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan company has completed the design of the beach house, made of two reinforced concrete box sitting on top of each other. Paraty is connected to the mountain home of one of the island colonial town Paraty and Angra dos Reis.

From the mountain, the house was outwarding almost to the beach in r 8m. Home find a balance in the topography of the land, creating a wide open door and living room on the practical nature untouched. Residents can access the home by boat. On the inside, modern beach house features furniture collection featuring 20th century design, including the works of many famous artists.

The bottom of the house contains the living room, kitchen and internal layanan.Daerah area constantly have 27m range and large glass windows to take advantage of the views of the sea. The same staircase entrance also causes the volume of the house’s bedroom. At the front of the house, pulled a stick of white wood panels protect the bedroom from the sun.

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