Palabritas Beach House, A Work of Architectural Art by Jose Orrego


Palabritas Beach House. A work of architectural art, which gives new shape and color of a unique home, designed as coastal structures. This building was included in the category of unique home, with a typical modern interior art. Having a swimming pool completeness that add life atmosphere of this house.

Located in Palabritas Beach in Lima, Peru Jose Orregotelah architect to design a modern beach house. The house is located on the first line a lot and is designed so that the architecture acts as a frame appearance beaches and islands found in front of the house of aesthetics.The celebrate summer with modern curves that remind us of the Brazilian architecture from the sixties.

The whole house has been finished in white with red accents, both in major elements such as swimming pools and furniture. Home it reminds us a competitive element is used dalamfilm Stanley Kubrick, with white curved elements contrast with details in red.

The exterior is designed as an elevated white box, hit the front side. One side has a concrete lattice based on contemporary composition with perforations that allow the interior to have transparency without losing the intimacy. Dining and living room are placed so that they can be combined with a terrace with sliding glass doors.

As a whole house to create a contrast of red on a white surface, in a way that gives the amplitude of the display space. From the living room, the architecture offers a frame that shows the views of beaches, islands and sunsets.

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