Nautilus House, Unique Cochlea Design by Javier Senosian


Nautilus House, a home design is very unique and funny. The shape followed the cochlea, so minimalist. Adav slightly small parks that decorate the uniqueness of this house. The interior also is set in a unique style, without much furniture in it. Unique home can be one with nature all around, because it’s like a snail who was standing on the grass.

A project of this unique home designs have been completed by architect Javier Senosian located in Naucalpan, Mexico. Brief was to create a home with a special integrated with nature.

Site house was surrounded and bordered by tall buildings in the south, north, and east, while western topography offers a broad view of the mountains. Model Work produced countless changes to achieve the volume needed by the construction: Nautilus.

Once the house design, architects used the internal hosts snail for his metaphor. Similar to a mollusk moving from chamboer into another, the house offers a social life that flows without any division. A harmonic area in three dimensions where you can see the continuous dynamics of the fourth dimension when moving in a spiral on top of the stairs with a feeling of floating above the vegetation.

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