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Mountain-Beach House Idea, Hat Island Residence by Bjarko Serra Architects


Hat Island Residence is a contemporary home design with the atmosphere of the cool mountains and beaches, beautiful and comfortable. The basic ingredients are mostly wood. Window and fentilasi designed simply, so that it looks more healthy. Architecture of buildings that look simple from the outside, but has an interior that works quite remarkable.

Bjarko | Serra Architects has sent us one of their project contemporary design house located in the outer atmosphere of the beach. Story ometwo is designed as two separate buildings-one for the living and dining, and the other to sleep-which is intended to provide extra privacy such as entertaining late at night will not disturb the sleep of children or parents tired.

Located on the northwest corner of Hat Island in Puget Sound near Washington San Juan Islands, house on the site is located at the front edge of the narrow coastal development is relatively dense single-family homes. Except for development adjacent to the north and south, the area is located in the pristine marine environment where water and wildlife experience is important to be there.

Part of this 2-story house contains bedrooms and oriented along the north property line to provide a buffer from a neighboring development. 1 story pavilion contains a semi-transparent living room and hugs in front of the beach with a simple presence. Shear-wall windows to minimize the barrier between interior space and eksterior.Deckssurrounding home allows easy movement throughout the site.

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