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Modern-Simple Architecture Idea, The Best Design from Cottam Hargrave in Austin


Houses with this minimalist style, represents a unique style, simplicity, and certainly not out of the modern term, which is attached to the shape of the building that was created. Construction of building a strong, well fentilasi enough air, it can provide its own convenience, so that the target had reached a healthy home.

The view is created, surrounding area is lovely and beautiful, gives its own color for a comfortable and quiet. A sense of peaceful, safe and cool in the liver was the dream of every family who wants harmony in their homes. The house, already adequately represent all that is desired by a family, especially the family happy.

Patrick Wong is an architectural photographer based in Austin who lives with his wife and a daughter in a beautiful little house once a cool environment. Company Cottam Hargrave is a company in 1,700 square meters behind the structure that begins as one story façade at the entrance then go up into the story both in the rear to accommodate loft bedroom area.

The house also has a sloping roof on the main exterior that protects families or occupants of the midday sun in the extreme. But windows are also carefully placed, to absorb a lot of air and light, which is always changing along the day. Outside the glass entrance door is living / studio area, an interior staircase leading to attic bedroom.

The designers, Wong returned to add a simple wall to the left in an open sleeping loft to create an enclosed bed space for Jasmine. He also built the headboard, which serves as storage space for large roll of paper he uses as a backdrop for shooting. Wong wanted to light the floor, the architects of the subfloor decking white tongue-and-groove, which helps bring light from the windows even more dominant, the East-faced.

A view along the main axis through the house and into the backyard, with a campanile of the church adjacent outside. On both sides of the main room is Wong’s office, storage and bathrooms, with kitchen on the end. At the top, hide patinaed steel fence hole and insert a parent Wong sculpture brought back from a trip to China.
The back of the concrete-clad houses leads to a small kitchen, off from a Wong park his scooter.

The big growers from Big Red Sun serves as a focal point for the main axis, which runs straight through the middle of the house. Upstairs is a loft bed. home using cellulose insulation, made from recycled paper newspaper and other sources.

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