Modern-Luxurious Home Design, Morumbi Residence by Drucker Arquitetura


Morumbi Residence is the idea of  a modern house with a capacity of space that is not too big but spacious enough. Consisting of glass wall as a window, which complements the freshness of the house. This modern and luxurious home has a large yard, with green grass that surrounds the beauty of gardens, and adorned with the cool swimming pool to complete the page.

The beauty also radiates in every corner of this house, the interior is quite attractive and comfortably viewed. A type of furniture used furniture modern category, precisely placed by the condition of this house.

Residence located on Morumbi São Paulo, Brazil, Drucker Arquitetura architect has designed a beautiful design luxury homes on the hill Morumbi between trees remaining lots court Luizadan Oscar Americano Foundation, Maria.

The house is mounted on a large site (approximately 1,000 square feet occupied) with the concept of an open atmosphere, defined by a large glass frame that connects between the indoor danoutdoor.

This live Morumbi not offer great luxury for its residents. In the interior, TV room, dining room and office, to express themselves fully behind the high gates

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