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Modern Interior Design, an Inspiration Design on Vader House, Melbourne by Andrew Maynard Architects


Modern interior design, an inspiration at the bottom is able to provide creative ideas in modern interior design an attractive, orderly, and certainly unique. This house is somewhat minimalist design, combining modern and traditional elements of the wall.

The condition of the room is neat enough, with the completeness of modern furniture. Glass and fentilasi entering a fairly dominant element here, so that sufficient air conditions can add to this comfortable home.

Andrew Maynard Architects has completed renovation of homes and interior design for home aVictorian in Melbourne, Australia. With violated several rules, the architecture has failed to provide a modern touch to an interior view of an exterior facade of the old.

“High boundary wall, built with a high disregard regulations existed long before such rules are created, allowed non-standard height along the northern border. Line the roof and then suddenly changed to follow the line set-back dictated, resulting interpretation playfully and said plan “rules, said Andrew Maynard Architects.

Large expanse of glass that is used in modern home design that takes the place of conventional wall, while the traditional exterior brick wall has been a remarkable feature in the trendy, modern home reflects that, smooth edge.

Ultra-modern appeal continues in this strong influence of host home style industries, such as living areas are airy double-height, stairs red-hot, and cold steel chimney. Light-filled living room mix practicality with style high-end.

The house was alive, cooking, working and entertainment venues all within view of each other. A contemporary playful use of color in this house, along with pool and courtyard al fresco, is entertaining a complementary sense of sleek urban house.

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