Modern Architecture Idea, Bayvie House Design by Gartner Trovato Architects


Modern architecture built in the area of Australia, Bayvie House Design. The house has a modern style it stands firmly in the highlands. The contour of buildings made of wood, has an attractive interior and stunning, cool page and spacious and beautiful pool that gives other colors from the coolness of this house. Accessories and furniture gives a chance with a very rapid and harmonious interior with existing conditions.

The team from Gartner Trovato architect has completed the design of contemporary homes in Bayview, NSW, Australia. Modern houses built on the area of 1200 square meters and has a significant decrease from the road.

Three Stories Bayview House allows for cross ventilation and solar access to primary living place (kitchen, dining room and living area) located on the upper floor, main room in the middle of the floor along with several guest rooms and a studio artist, while the bottom floor is where all home entertainment thing happened.

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