Main Go Modern Architectural Design by Périphériques Architectes


Maison Go, a modern architectural design, with a fairly minimalist style buildings and unique. Contour of this building is very different from the others. Some parts of the walls of glass that once adorned dominant as a source of light that comes into the room. Inteior inside was quite interesting. And the setting as much as possible are able to maximize the situation room that already gives a chance for a minimalist.

Périphériques Architectes has completed the design of metal frame-modern house in Thionville, Francia. Occupying an area of ​​310 square meters, the house is organized into three top-level basement parking and fixed with concrete basement. Glass describes a material called “profilit” is a facade that serves all the good thermal insulation and protection of intimacy.

Large window is the most prominent element found in the modern home. Clear glass window with a clever way it is set in accordance with rooms and views darirumah, and connect with their environment.

Houses can be reached from the street through the back roads, past the main door. The first floor is home to the level of acceptance can be accessed by a large staircase.

Other big-purpose multi can also be found, connecting to the room parents’, adesk room, and bathroom. There is a helical staircase down to the level of the park, where children’s bedrooms placed around the bathroom.

From the reception area, there we go to room stair-on the second floor, where the living room, kitchen, and dining room are organized around a patio area to the south-west. Independent a studio flat located on the east side of the house. It can be accessed from the garden crossroads. Then, it will be easy to connect this section to the main house with a garden.

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