Luxury Courtyard Paradise, Best Mountain Home in Costa Rica


Luxury Courtyard Paradise, stately mansions which stand in the arena of the trees on a mountain green. Beauty of this house looks more beautiful, with the presence of interior design is very charming.

Very unique, the arrangement of the room orderly and neat. Combination color of the walls and furniture in it was incredible. Able to hypnotize anyone who is infatuated with a comfortable and unique home.

Located in Costa Rica, luxury homes built more than 4,000 square meters of living space inside and 2,000 square feet of outdoor entertaining areas. Modern house to take advantage of the environment, which is located on top of a cliff with Pacific Ocean coast hit bottom and Costa Rica in the surrounding forest.

Host homes, five-bedroom 4.5 bathroom home adaptable eight beach and including the administrator to ensure you do not accept to abstract finger during your stay. Broad windows, benches and decks evoke a sense of beingness in the open.

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