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Kitchen Faucets in Gold Touch Blended with Blue Ornament


Kitchen faucets is something that must exist in the kitchen, its existence is very important. However, people often disregard the design of their kitchen faucets. Whereas kitchen faucets can be chic if given a different touch to kitchen interior and it can stand out.  As practiced by Yanic Simard, the talented Canadian interior designer recently renovated his kitchen. According to the designers, the kitchen did feel dull, therefore needed an upgrade. It’s totally functional layout, the space did not need a drastic makeover. To add a sense of something new to his kitchen, Yanic started by sprying the cabinets in a deep masculine tone of color, with blue undertones. In addition, he also gives touch of blue on the chairs and kitchen curtains. Besides its function as a bottle rack, bottle rack with the gold ornaments also fill in the blanks spot on the kitchen wall. If you also have the same-old stainless steel kitchen faucets and fixtures, this is a trendy alternative. Gold-toned fixtures and kitchen faucets with custom brass finish can create an interesting contrast and stand out without being too extravagant. The combination of these two colors make the kitchen interior look more modern, clean, and fresh.

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