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Joglo House Design from Central Java

joglo house
Joglo house design is a Javanese traditional house, especially from Central Java. Joglo consist of two main parts, the outside and inside. In the outside part is namely pendapa (gazebo). Pendapa have a large room without partitions, usually is used to receive guests or children’s playroom and as a family leisure. And the inside part is fortress, a part of house room such as living room and other rooms that are more privacy. The characteristics of this house are s on the roof of pendapa that towering like a mountain. Not only magnificent, beautiful, full of meaning and socio-cultural values​​, architecture of joglo house can also reduce earthquake.

interior of joglo house

interior of joglo house

Joglo house interior is very charming and simple. Classical impression is very strong and beautifully colored trinkets that not too full of furniture. There are also impression of relief and comfort.



Joglo house for joglo roof construction consists of several columns namely Soko. Joglo roof construction has the absolute pillars known as the ‘soko guru’. Without ‘soko guru’, the roof can not be called as a roof joglo. Joglo roof construction uses many wood materials, ranging from plain wood to wood ornate.The function of  ’soko guru’ is to prop up the pillars of beam ‘tumpang sari’ the compound onto the widening upwards and usually odd and carved. Engraving on intercropping, indicating social status of the owners.

joglo house

Picture above is showed a transition space from the living room and a private area in the joglo house. There is a pool of clear water to be limiting in this space. Joglo house roof skylights provide natural lighting, and attractive interior accessories.

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