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Japan Minimalist Home Design in Osaka By Kenji Architectural Studio


As we know, Japan is a very expensive country. The cost of living is expensive, the cost for entertainment is expensive too, especially the cost of house and land. This time we will look at how the Japanese people maximize small land with a comfortable home. Architect Kenji Ido of Ido, Kenji Architectural Studio completed “House Fin”, Japan minimalist home design locted in Osaka. Japan minimalist home design has unique features, simple but still give priority to aesthetic form and function space is charming. Type the home such as Japan minimalist home design can save space and is suitable for occupancy by families with small number of members.

Japan minimalist home design began to tune, but to be considered when build Japan minimalist home design is one of them are function and elements of the Japanese house. The Japanese have a habit of removing footwear when they wanted to enter the house, then to get an impression of home-style Japanese make an genkan placed in deportation entrance. Genkan is the limit footwear before entering into the house. Houses in Japan many or even entirely using genkan in front of his house. Then for the floor usually wear made ​​of straw mats called tatami. These floors can make a homeowner comfort, with more and more air circulation so that circulating in the house and makes the house more cool. With walls painted in white, a feeling of space was subtly Achieved. The wooden stairway, shelves and doors add a warm touch. It is truly inspiring to see how the architect managed to transform a 53 square meter surface into a perfect Japan minimalist home design.

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