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Humlegarden Apartment, an Architectural Design in Stockholm by Tham & Videgard Hansson


Humlegarden Apartment, is an architectural design to give color to every corner of the room, visible from the floor colorful. The building is very unique, colorful and festive. Interior designed with a model that is not too complicated. Furniture is placed tend to use soft colors.

Inspired by the works of artists and architects of Sweden Carl Larssondan Josef Frank, architect Tham & VidegÄrd Hansson has designed a colorful floor plans for apartment renovation project in Stockholm. Plans are also reminded of colorful foliage in the park nearby HumlegÄrden that change color with the passing seasons.

Apartment once the original is the turn of the century apartment high-grade (final Jugend / Art Nouveau (1800/1900) that has really changed, and even for some time converted into a hotel, leaving very little trace of the original.

Patterns and colors are used to reserve space in previous projects that the family has seen, linking both physical and cultural context. Overlapping color change the layout of the apartment and adding a new structure of space connected to each other in the original plan.

Parquet floor also functions as a system design that offers the possibility to unite. Once the color has been formed in different shades, each room can be developed in conjunction with others, every part of the parquet is defined to get into the right position, there is no random factor in the construction process.

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