Hackney House, The Style of Old-Modern House Design


Hackney House, a house that was created by combining old and modern styles. Typically, when the house is visible from the outside, looks like an old house. However, when tracked into the building is already referring to the style of modern house is quite luxurious.

London-based architect Platform 5 has completed the extension of a project house Victorian terraced house in Hackney, London. Their design has been awarded first prize in a competition of refurbishment “Do not Move, Improve” organized by the New London Architecture (NLA).

Kitchen and patio area which are united by the power-floated concrete floors and London stock brick garden wall to give the internal space of external characters. Existing side walls have been removed and the kitchen is also applied as a coating to a rough brick.

A modern Oriel glass window structure is coated with cherry wood projects into the garden and juxtaposes with Victorian bay to the road project. A vast glass roof in the kitchen open view of the sky. Daylight brought from above to illuminate the previously dark spaces, walls, floors, roofs, glass and equipment have been upgraded to modern standards for insulation and efficiency.

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