Float House, Minimalist House Design by Morphosis


Float House, is a kind of minimalist house designed specifically for the style of home with enough security level, against the natural temptation that sometimes appear in the prairie regions, such as hurricanes, floods and so forth. Modern minimalist design is able to turn this house into a form that is quite interesting.

Morphosis has completed the first raft houses permitted in the United States to Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation in New Orleans who designed and built by Morphosis and UCLA Architecture and Urban Design graduate students.The Float House is a new model for flood-safe, affordable and sustainable housing designed to float safely to the water level rises.

Houses Float is a type of house that can maintain its own water and electricity needs, a home that can withstand the flooding produced by hurricanes the size of Hurricane Katrina, and perhaps most importantly, a house that could be produced cheaply enough to serve as low-income housing.

On track for a LEED Platinum Rating, Float Building is an innovative model for affordable housing-nolkonsumsi net annual energy. High performance power system to maintain the house, air, and water needs, and minimize resource consumption.

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