Fantastic Modern House Design by A-cero Architects


Fantastic Modern House Design by A-cero Architects, Minimalist home in Pozuelo which has been designed by A-Cero incredible. Design the building with the contours meander quite strong. So vast, stunning interior design features. The entire roof of the building into the wall. Spacious yard is also very supportive, equipped with a swimming pool that add cool environment this house.

A-Cero modern home is a stunning minimalist architecture that applies three major principles of construction: beauty, strength, and utilities.

The whole architecture appears framed in an extraordinary environment: a garden generous dimensions hold the line harmonic construction, like a soft carpet decorated with abundant planters and flowerbeds. A large steel beam marking the entrance through the door colossal. Inside, the concept of the window disappears and turns into the opening.

Brightness and color visual experience impregnate architecture with a quiet sensitivity and round. There is a clear link between rooms and outside their continuity, with the route marked by the absence of doors, which is replaced with the panel. Noteworthy in this line is the window that shifted 17 meters inside, opened the park which roomto living through one of the laterals.

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