Fantastic Luxurious Interiors Design by KNQ Associates


KNQ Associates is a work of art depicting the model building renaissance, with a distinctive style that Antic, grand and luxurious. Large buildings, with a charming interior design. Hypnotize anyone who wants luxury homes for life. This house is like a royal palace building that provides comfort of living for residents. A king, queen and prince or princess.

KNQ Associates design partnership between Kusnin and Stanley Tan Tham. Recently, they sent us the project ‘rejuvenation’ latest their apartment in Lee Keng Rd, Singapore. Renaissance cultural movement is what homeowners fall for that form a starting point for the design of high-rise apartment.

The entrance is where the European records began. Designed to be a formal reception room, living room to increase the neutral color palette such as gold, beige, black and white. Fiturdi stone floors and furniture, working together with beaded wall hangings and frames to create a sense of drama.

Cum musical guest room still see the traditional to provide a visual connection to the living room, but with a palette, warm colors bolder than gold, white, black, red danungu. There is a degree of monumentality in the master bedroom, which cocoktema perfect.

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