Contemporary Architecture of Villa Designs by OBRA Architects


Contemporary Architecture, as shown in the picture below, will inspire a home that blends with savanna or grassland. The wood as dominance on the walls of this building provides a distinctive uniqueness and look more natural. When entering the interior area inside, more modern style inherent in the arrangement of this space.

More recently, OBRA Architects has completed the design of contemporary private house in Southampton. Contemporary house called the Villa Centrifugal, represented by the form of “arranged around a hollow center, as if the heart of the house had somehow fallen out of his body.”

Contemporary villa built in the area of ​​5 hectares overlooking the agricultural reserve. The residence’s settings including main house, homeless individuals and the structure of the garage, and houses a swimming pool with poolside pavilion.

Entering the term on environmentally friendly design, green building houses make most of the geothermal heating and incorporate passive energy-saving plan. It was designed and built as a wooden structure of post-and-beam with vertical board and batten seam as exterior cladding. Post-and-beam frame suitable for open plan designs and allows for complete enclosure in effective insulation for energy efficiency.

Frame structure of post-and-beam construction has allowed for rapid development in the personification modern.Bahan and design of this residence has given homeowners the ability to make a creative statement through the use of design.

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