Clara Modern Apartmen by Elenberg Fraser Architecture


Clara Modern Apartment, an architecture that has been designed with the concept of extraordinary. The building that consists of only one floor, is unique in the arrangement of interior walls on the inside. Having a page with a fairly simple garden, several trees that provide enough coolness in empty space is a little broad.

A team of architects from Elenberg Clara Fraser has designed modern apartments and town houses located in South Yarra, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

The apartment was successful in establishing the relationship between landscape and built form. Architects develop built environments that shape harmonises with the landscape that respects diversity and scale of its surroundings.

Sales and suites display designed by Elenberg Fraser, JCB Architects & Interior Design Mardi Doherty. All rooms are equipped with detailed and intent to look and feel like at home, which includes aspects of the courtyard garden. Preferences Lighting, along with selected furnishings and tastes detailings.

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