Carrara House, a Modern Minimalist House Design by Andres Remy Arquitectos


Carrara House, a modern minimalist house design that incorporates natural elements in the environment, with modern elements that exist in this house. This house is very elegant design, combined premises which became an ornamental beauty of nature around the house. Home front and sides so vast. Equipped with a swimming pool, and visible green with grass as a base yard, which stretches to cool the environment.

Architect Andres Remy Arquitectos has designed a minimalist home that uses natural elements such as water and stone. The idea of ​​design is to find the entrance as one of the following exterior stone walls.

Stone rural and handicraft zones defining and separating the entry from the living room and was in and out, and propose a counter to the pure white that dominates the inside of the house.

Being different in the interior, here, Carrara white marble dominate the area. All of the walls to the ceiling, the house seems to emerge from the water. Touching the color used for small details and decorative objects, dominated the white and turquoise water.

The water that surrounds the house through the water surface in the form of a novelty mirror results in a cascade of interior that comes from the upper floors and painting falls while reflection through a glass window. This is a mirror of water reproduced outside blur the line between one and another. Finally, emerging from the upstairs hall dispenser, glass cascade music flow into and through the heart of the ground floor.

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