Brighton House Modern-Style Architectural Design by Nic Bochsler Architect


Brighton House, a modern-style architectural design has been created. Building a distinctive style, with bright coloring model, managed to make anyone captivated hearts. Pages beyond that is wide enough that there is a tennis court increased the healthy atmosphere of the house.

Architect Nic Bochsler has successfully completed the design minimalist modern home in Melbourne, Australy. Referred to as the Brighton House, because this building is situated between the beautiful scenery of the city of Melbourne and Melbourne’s famous beaches.

White is the color that dominates most of the interior, such as providing light and warm spirited. To create a sense of transparency and gloss, extensive use of glass is applied to the window and architect ventilations.Theme use simple application with wood and stone, and also slim, ultra-modern furniture, to create a perfect home retretyang elite.

Two features that make this home truly luxurious pool, a prominent hiss from the rest of the house, and a private grass tennis court.

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