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Big House on Mountain Contour by Morato Arquitetura


A modern house in Nova Lima, designed by Morato Arquitetura. The design of this house is fantastic. With the mountain contour area, not blocking to be able to create a building large, luxurious and modern. Appears very beautiful and not inferior to the great buildings in the area are flat and sloping contours.

Arquitetura Morato has designed a house in Nova Lima, a city in Minas Gerais state of Brazil. The house was projected to a young executive with a profile of entrepreneur boldly.

The house was built on the ground with three different levels that lead to better use other kemiringan.Keuntungan of this arrangement is to provide greater plasticity for architectonic elements.

Pure Volume accept the interference of sloping fields, from the plane which includes intermittent and of a red wall across the house. Reference architectures Brazilian modernists maintained and remain unconstructeddan reorganization.

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