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Art Institute of Chicag, a Majestic Architecture


Art Institute of Chicago, has a unique and magnificent buildings. Standing tall among the buildings towering high in the sky. Art Institute of Chicago was occupied around 264,000 square meters, featuring a large education center, a gallery, sculpture terrace outside, a cafe quite luxurious, and has a high entrance.

Art Institute of Chicago now have a continuation of the new Modern Wing, designed Piano byRenzo. Ekstensiitu cost about $ 300 million and is the center of an ambitious development project that would reorganize the museum entrirein 2010 . It is assumed that the extension will expand the total gallery space by 35% and twice the education space.

After the extension project, the Art Institute of Chicago is now the second largest museum in the United States, right after the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Initial public opening is scheduled on May 16, 2009.

Modern Wing clarify campus institution that will enhance visitor experience and orientation, and also determine the connection with no limits to the main building and for Chicago Millennium Park. A 600 foot long bridge called the Nichols Bridgeway, also by Renzo Piano.

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