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A Dynamic Visual Effect in Japan Minimalist Home Design


Japan Minimalist Home DesignJapan minimalist home design customized to a  dynamic modern family homes. Standing in almost 166 square meters, the residence known as the House in Kyobate is located in Nara, Japan. A dynamic visual effects of Japan minimalist home design visible from a simplicity of the architect, Naoko Horibe. Mezzanine connecting different spaces of the house lies at owner’s feet traditional tatami flooring and constructs visual and social interaction between people at different floors. In traditional architect, floor in the rooms of house is designed to have tatami. Tatami is a traditional Japanese flooring made ​​of a soft mat rice straw. Tatami is a good guard temperatures, warm in winter and cool in summer. To overcome the weaknesses interior and exterior wood that is susceptible to fire, do finishing with a fire-resistant wood coatings thus maintained for the sake of durability energy efficiency. These Japan minimalist home design has large window openings and accommodate traditional Japanese nation, genkan. Genkan is borders footwear before entering into the house. Japan minimalist home design also adopting Japanese-style sliding panels, commonly called Fusuma, this slider saves a lot of space.

Japan minimalist home design usually shapes like squares, cube or rectangular. It is lot taken by the designers in Japan and entered into the form o house, so that looks simple but unique and elegant. Commonly given to its own interior white paint that describes how elegant their residences and how important hygiene for the people of Japan. From Design Milk, we find out that the concept behind this Japan minimalist home design revolves around the family’s two young children. Their energy will fill up the house and the home’s flexibility will Encourage their creativity. This customized concept reminds me of another project in the architect’s portfolio, the House of Kashiba. Its owners needed a bath remodel and requested to have a view of the courtyard-architects instead planted a tree and surrounded it with an enclosed courtyard. With the natural simplicity and efficiency, Japan minimalist home design has influenced for modern minimalist style that is now popular, including in Western.

Japan Minimalist Home Design

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