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Outdoor Living Space Designs Framing by S House Work of Domenack Arquitectos

Saturday, June 28th, 2014

Outdoor living space designs is the latest outdoor theme which is becoming trend. Creating a relaxing, outdoor living space designs can greatly increase of the appeal and value of your home and provide an oasis for family to enjoy the great outdoors in supreme comfort. Domenack Arquitectos came up with outdoor living space designs framing by S House, in Lima, Peru. From the architect, this outdoor living space designs considering three essential variables: satisfying the functional needs of the family, adapting the design to a difficult sloping topography without resorting to complicate and expensive structures, and capturing the views towards a golf course despite the fact that the plot is not adjacent to it.

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Outdoor living space designs “S House” is planned over an existing natural 3m platform located above street level. The house is made ​​in three levels so as to follow the ascending topography of its location. The architects evenly distributed the designs so as to meet the custom needs of the clients. The main garden and pool along with other social areas on its first level while the private parts of the house are in its second and third floors. Floors in the house are covered with parquet floors to provide warmth, this is very different from the outside of the house. The front side of the house is framed with a large glass, as if not wanting to lose the beautiful scenery out there. It is an outdoor living space that is energy efficient designs. Outdoor living space designs promotes adequate ventilation, lighting and thermal controls to reduce energy consumption. From the outside, this house looks like a transparent box in a stretch of hills. Believe me, it is create the perfect outdoor living space designs. A view of the ocean is all you need to relax, but a beautiful outdoor living space designs like this one doesn’t hurt either.

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Modern Apartment Building Design for Dynamic Students

Saturday, February 1st, 2014

Modern Apartment Building Design for Dynamic Students. Modern apartment building are preferred place to stay favored by the people who started in major cities, including students in the city of Paris. Modern apartment building is a residential home-like in general, only if the residential-housing, arranged horizontally spread across the land available, while modern apartment building, arranged vertically so as to create a mass of high-rise buildings containing dwelling units. Usually in each floor comprises between 4-8 depending on the apartment planners. Factors completeness of facilities, security and strategic location  in modern apartment building is a primary consideration. One of modern apartment building that are currently present in Paris is a modern apartment building has been designed by OFIS Architects.
This modern apartment building deliberately built for students by offers a dynamic apartment concept view to the exterior surface. The very characteristic of this modern apartment building comes in its unusual exterior design of the which is resulted from the balconies-baskets. Sited shifted in a very long and narrow space, this modern apartment building stands in 11 m width and 200 m length extending along the Street Des Petits Ponts roommates also a role as a new Paris tram route. This amazing building consisting 11 floors is divided into two parts connected with a garden. Each modern apartment building has the same size and facilities Including an entrance, bathroom, wardrobe, kitchenette, working space, a bed and a balcony overlooking the fashionable city.
The modern apartment building is designed with a unique touch of asymmetric as room accents. Interior elements selected according to the needs of residential students, but still reflects the impression of a “warm” so that all residents can feel comfortable despite being out of his personal space units. Some sitting areas include a communal area adjacent to the lobby. The sitting room is free to use by both occupants to receive guests, gather with neighbors and sit back and enjoy the beauty of the park.