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Unique Kitchen Cabinet Handle by Viefe

Friday, July 11th, 2014

You may often overlook kitchen cabinet handle. Yes of course, because usually size of kitchen cabinet handle small. Nowadays modern kitchen to pay more attention to the kitchen cabinet handle. Formerly, kitchen cabinet handle only round or flat and boring. Now there is a kitchen cabinet handle that has a unique shape and become beautiful accent in modern kitchen. Noma by Viefe is a discrete stuff, mainly due to its insignificant thickness of only 1.2mm, making it almost unnoticeable in the middle of a set of drawers.

At the same time it stands out due to its suggestive wave-inspired minimalist contours. The creative kitchen cabinet handle is available in two formats for two types of door thickness ranging from 19mm to 22mm. This kitchen cabinet handle is quick and easy to fit and install. One of its most relevant characteristics is its versatility, as it can be positioned either on the right, the left or vertically. This kitchen cabinet handle is manufactured in aluminum and comes in a stainless steel appearance, we hope you will find kitchen cabinet handle that fascinating such as climbing the kitchen cabinets below??

Kitchens Faucets: The Mywell Faucet by Orsodesign

Friday, May 30th, 2014

In some countries, healthy food and clean water seems to be a rare thing. The Mywell kitchens faucets are filtering faucet that allows homeowners to filter water with amazing results. This kitchens Faucets created by Orsodesign and have the ability to filter water with amazing results. It is one of the most sanitary drinking water systems available, designed to deliver clean, healthy drinking water right from the tap. This innovative kitchens faucets design works with a multistage water filtering system of the which is integrated into the faucet, delivering fresh natural pure drinking water of a premium quality. The Mywell kitchens faucets also offers a built-in Smart Controller roommates warns when the water filter should be replaced. It is also environmentally friendly by reducing plastic bottle waste. According to some sources this kitchens faucets costs 399 Euros.