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Dark-Toned Stylish Interior Design by Tanju Özelgin

Saturday, June 28th, 2014

This gorgeous stylish interior design sited in Bosphorus district, Istanbul. Tanju Özelgin completed the interior of T House with imagined objects of decor displayed in a museum. A game from a neutral color palette, ranging from white / beige to gray, brown and black to provide extraordinary visual effects. Gray was able to bring a sense of peace while brown look natural, warm, and create a sense of familiarity to this stylish interior design. To apply the color combination, you can choose gray as the base color to forming elements because it looks bright so will not make the dining room look heavy. Apply the gray on the walls and ceiling around the field so that the room is getting light, preferably insert white color insert in the frames and door and curtain.

Stylish interior design by Tanju Özelgin dominated with dark-toned. Brown color would be more appropriate when used as the color of the room furniture or accessories. Brown could you present to a set of dining chairs brown combined with a table of wood materials in the same color but darker tones. Gray color blends with the color brown are used to bind the dining room will bring a modern feel and elegant in dark-toned stylish interior design. Dark colors usually gives the impression of a warm and inviting, but dark colors also tend to give the impression that heavy in the room. The solution, you can add an accent color such as white, red and orange for the accessories in the room. Then give warm lighting in some hidden places or use floor lamps. The use of a spotlight on a particular section can also be added for extra lighting. The white color could offset the dominance of dark colors on the interior of the house, apply on most sofas, bed and bath tub.

In this dark-toned stylish interior design, Tanju Özelgin using raw rough stone and concrete mixed with polished marble, wood and glass for interior and exterior parts. The room looks modern, and the interior inspiring tranquility and elegance. High ceilings, dramatic chandeliers, curtains long and beautiful artwork adorning the living room. And of course the centerpiece of georgeous multi-level residence is a staircase that connects the ground floor to the upper floor. Tanju Özelgin give red accents on the futuristic-like sculptures – everything seems to fall into place visually.

Interior Home Design Enchanced by Gabled Forms in Kyoto

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Interior Home Design Enchanced by Gabled Forms in Kyoto. In first looking the front of the house, maybe we would think that this is an ‘ordinary’ design. However, I believe when you see the inside of the interior home design will be instantly hooked. The interior home design exhibited by Hazukashi House, contemporary family home in the suburbs of Kyoto, Japan. This interior home design is very minimalist with wooden ornaments dominance. The core of the residence is the dining room, where the whole family can gather after a day of activity outside the home. The dominance of wooden ornaments made ​​room for the family to socialize more warm, friendly and fun.

I imagine it’s like the kids who are drawing a pretty house on a piece of paper, and then on magic into a real home, but on a slightly larger scale. A central wooden staircase opens become the focus of in the house, the wooden staircase connects the family socialization zone with the bedrooms and study at the upper floor. All of these into one, this is a home that exudes warmth and creativity of interior home design.

This interior home design is so simple yet comfortable, and it looks so amazingly fantastic and stylish with its gabled forms, I want to say to the designer if this interior home design is truly amazing. You can look around the room is filled with ornaments made ​​of wood, looks elegant but still powerful and eye-catching. This is it, everyone’s dream residence.