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Beautiful Barbie Shop Interior by Slade Architecture

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011
Beautiful Colorful Barbie Shop Interior by Slade Architecture

Beautiful Barbie Shop Interior by Slade Architecture. We present the following portrait of Barbie store design, which has a design space that pretty and charming. A barbie expression as the main concept of this space, it becomes a lifestyle brand in the global era. Interior built in shades of pink that looks so cheerful. Luxurious atmosphere is also created from some of the features that can be found in stores this barbie. Barbie store was built on an area that has an area of ​​35,000 square meters. All exterior, interior, fixtures and furnishings designed by Slade Architecture. It is designed to create a fun, sleek, feminine interpretation unapologetically Barbie: past, present, and future. The main color of the interior and exterior of the store is pink Barbie express sophisticated fashion sense and history. The facade is made of two layers: a molded, translucent polycarbonate panels interior and exterior flat glass panels printed with a pattern of frit odd lattice. Slade collaborate with designers in BIG, which created the frit end of the exterior graphics. Two layers reinforce each other visually and interact dynamically through reflection, shadow and distortion.

Beautiful Barbie Shop Receptionist Interior by Slade Architecture