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Bedside Tables and Nightstands for a Bedroom

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

Bedside Tables and Nightstands for a Bedroom. In a previous article I have discussed about HEADBOARDS: Between Style and Storage. Now I am also going to review something that is part of your bedroom. The bedroom is the most personal room in the house. You can express your personality in there. Therefore, you are free to put a matching range of furniture and uniforms even mix and match a variety of different furniture.

Well, absolutely contemporary minimalistic bedroom consist of two important element- a bed and bedside tables or nightstands. Yes, it is mandatory. Bedside tables and nightstands are not just an element, which makes the interior design of a bedroom look finished and well balanced as to colors, furniture and decors. Bedside tables are mostly for storage, but they also provide a decorative function by anchoring the look of your bed. Because the bedside table has a dual function, both functionally and aesthetically, and therefore must include some racks and drawers that fit the style and finish of the rest of your furniture.

You can pair two beside tables with a similar style by pairing two table in classic, traditional, or elegant style. Or you can also use two bedside tables made ​​by one manufacturer, but in a different form. Although you can pair two different beside tables and nightstands,  they should be a part of the same design family. For a contemporary look, pair rustic wood furniture with metal nightstands, or go bold by adding in a bright color like yellow, green or blue. A traditional style often includes a matching set, but you can use vintage pieces to add more character.

OK, let’s how about nightstands? By adding the bedside tables, the beautiful atmosphere of your bedroom will be emitted. Comfort and a touch of warmth would be emitted by the addition of bedside tables and nightstands in your room. If you do not have space for your bedside tables, do not worry. Just buy one nightstand and place a dresser next to the other side of the bed. You can also try freestanding or floating bedside tables. Or you can buy beds and headboards that have built-in nightstands.

HEADBOARDS: Between Style and Storage

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

HEADBOARDS: Between Style and Storage. Is there any part of your bed is often forgotten? Yes, headboards. Headboards is used as an assertion where is the head area in the bed. In the past, headboards is together with the bed. Sometimes, its design is also uniform with the overall design of the bed. Headboards more functioned as a decorative element on a bed. Now, the function of headboards becomes more extensive. Aside from being decorative at the bed, headboards also be part of a decorative element and as storage room.

As a decorative element space, headboards design was adapted to the design of the room. Headboards are no longer one with a bed, but stick to the wall. The size and design are increasingly diverse. Headboards as well as storage space, we can simultaneously obtain a new storage place that does not really need the space. Rack can be made ​​simple and tailored to the needs of its size.

Displaying collectibles it could be a solution to beautify the room. Put it on the side that is often seen, for example in the headboards divan. Display space even more attractive. To give the effect of depth and gradation of color, use of lighting techniques. Lighting with halogen lamps provide light umbrella effect that amplifies the look of your collectibles. Like a storefront, your collectibles look so full of meaning.

Especially in a child’s room, which is contained a lot of items such as books, toys, and various trinkets favorite child. Headboards area’s can be used as a large storage cabinets. This is where a variety of toys and trinkets belonging to the little nest, when not in use. Display more cheerful coloring can be obtained by means of a rack with bright colors, distinctive character of the child. You wanna try?