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3 Tips Before Building A House Minimalist

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

Want a minimalist house beautiful to look at and can make it convenient when entering the room. It is the dream of everyone. With the concept of home is simple but still highlight the impression of modern minimalist house type property trends today. So you do not regret it after building a house should note the following 3 things.

1. Determine Design House
The first step in building a dream home is to determine in advance minimalist home design that you want. By determining the design as you wish, you will feel comfortable while inhabiting it. But you need to pay attention to the minimalist aspect of home design that you wake up, then it is necessary for the planning of appropriate space.

2. Color Games Home
Courageously choose and play right paint color, minimalist you will look more elegant and charming. We recommend that you choose a bright color so that its presence could make the room more spacious impressed. Avoid using dark colors tend to be minimal because it will make your home look cramped.

3. Home Interior Arrangement
One component that serves as a sweetener interior room is furniture. On the concept of minimalist home furniture home to avoid the use of large or the number too much. You’ll want to choose furniture that is simple yet unique. The use of large-sized furniture will make the room becomes increasingly narrow. The amount of furniture that is too much also can disrupt your comfort. By using small-sized furniture unique concept, the interior of your home will look elegant.

Minimalist Home Interior Design from Asberg Interior & Styling, Sweden

Friday, June 13th, 2014

Minimalist home interior design always keep abreast of the latest home design trends. Requires a special touch when planning a minimalist home interior design, interior design in order to suit and represent the needs can be fulfilled room by room. As in the minimalist home interior design in Sweden. The Swedish interior design is strongly influenced by light and weather Scandinavia, Because long winters with early dusk and a lack of sunlight requires us to think again about minimalist home interior design accordingly. Anything dark, gloomy, and heavy was out while anything pale, light, airy, and minimal was in. By choosing pale walls, parquet floors, and furnishings reflected whatever light was available. Choose accessories that are simple and displayed in an orderly manner, so as to provide a fresh and clean look. This is the minimalist look of home interior design that combines refined elegance with a casual aged appearance that seems to have universal appeal. So do not miss to see the pictures minimalist home interior design in Sweden is cool, this could be your home design ideas.