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Design Staircase for Home Decor

Monday, January 6th, 2014
Design Staircase for Home Decor. The use of staircase in a two floors minimalist house design is an absolute must. Along to the development of models and minimalist house design, the functions of design staircase is not only as a liaison between the top floor with the bottom. Now the design staircase can be more classy and be one part of home decor ideas. Thats why many homeowners put them on the front steps of the house which directly visible when entering the house and it’s function as home decor.
There are several options for design staircase such as straight shape staircase, U shape staircase, L shape staircase, and circle shape staircase. For large homes, there will not be many problems in designing and placement. But for a small house, the design and placement should be cleverly considering design staircase spends quite a lot of space.
In addition, factors which should not be missed is the comfort and safety factor. Make a design staircase as home decor for minimalist house design is more easily than other design staircase. The design is simple, but still able to show the impression of luxury and modern home decor. Design staircase of minimalist house design will further highlight the quality of the ladder itself. To get an impression of quality, the selection of materials to make design  staircase is the key. Wood, metal and concrete are three  material variations of the most commonly used. Here some examples of design staircase that will provide inspiration for your minimalist home decore ideas.

design staircase1

Unique design staircase with a circular shape centered on the pole. It’s artistic design staircase with white color that worked well with black colored handle.

design staircase2

Classic design staircase with wood pattern gives a natural impression. The lines on the wooden wall increasingly complement your minimalist house design.

design staircase3

This unique design staircase stuck to the wall, separately from one rung to another rung. Wood color between white color gives the impression of a natural and clean. One of very artistic design staircase and modern style.

design staircase4

Multifunctional design staircase. Besides functioning as a staircase, also serves to store your collection of books. In addition to multifunction, looks too high artistic elements in it. This design staircase is very precise placed in the reading room or living room.

design staircase5

Design staircase that resembles the letter V is very suitable placed in the living room. White sofa fits with the background design staircase as a home decor.

design staircase6

Unique design staircase with a circular shape is like a tree that grows in the house. Brown color combined with glass walls give the impression there is no barrier between the home and garden.It’s feels so fresh.

design staircase7

This unique design staircase is suitable for home decor, but not for the kids. I will definitely think twice.

design staircase8

This unique design staircase also stuck to the wall, separately from one rung to another rung, but it gives impression the rung is hanging on the top floor.

Small-Unique Architecture Style, Design by Yasutaka Yoshimura Architecture in Yokohama – Bayside Marina Hotel

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

A work of art does not limit the ideas that can be realized in various forms. Houses are built to achieve goals as a means of retreat, or simply as a place to live, because human life on earth requires sara for shelter. Did not rule, people compete to be able to have a home fashion and style they want.

Looks looks magnificent and more than others is an obsession some people who love luxury. However, a stunning work of art, good shape, model, style and meaning will give a distinct impression, especially for art lovers who express their ideas aide-gay via a home you want.

Architect reliable originating from Japan Yasutaka Yoshimura, has successfully completed the design of a modular cottage hotel located in the Yokohama waterfront. Dubbed Bayside Marina Hotel, os architecture based on the formof shipping container.

Prefab architecture is randomly placed on the site, each residence offers a variety of to have different views. A building with long, narrow model was created in Thailand and assembled in Japan.

Each printing unit consists of two containers stacked one another. Space between living units provide sound damping and also unique nature of visual privacy. Leading to each entrance hut, concrete path built and installed.