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Japan Minimalist Home Design: Black Box of Kashiba

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

We know that Japan has the largest population and have a problem with the availability of a place to stay. The narrowness of the region make the engineers building there create a trend of Japan minimalist home design with modern, futuristic, and minimal land. Black box of Kashiba is Japan minimalist home design in 85.58 square meters living surface. This residence designed by architects from Horibe Naoko Architect Office. Located in Kashiba-Shi, Japan, Japan minimalist home design realize the clients dream to having a bathroom where they could gaze out on a courtyard. We plant a tree symbol on the page and a bathroom designed to look out on it. Page brings light and air into a bathroom and a kitchen / living / dining room while maintaining privacy for the part.

One characteristic of the Japanese-style interior is the use of either bamboo or bamboo material itself is the typical color of bamboo. In Japan minimalist home design, the color of bamboo can be applied as parakeet floor such or applied for furniture color, for example cabinets, tables and chairs in Japan minimalist home design. The next feature is the use of white color for all walls of the room. Japan minimalist home design the majority use white as the color of the walls without a mixed / other color combinations. The use of white color for the interior wall has the advantage that it makes the room feel more spacious and bright, but it takes extra care because it will be easy to look dirty within a specified period. The exterior is a black box with a square window on the south side. The windows give accent to the facade while also smoothly linking the exterior and interior of the house. Black box of this Kashiba stand out among another Japan minimalist home design.

Attic Rooms Design Ideas: Solution for small home space

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Attic Rooms Design Ideas. Attic rooms are usually identical to the warehouse for storing objects in their own homes. But, it can be the most appealing interiors in the whole house. Something that owned by the attic rooms and not owned by other rooms is triangular roof form and you will get a different view from the window. The view from the peak of your home. Exciting isn’t it?

Lately, with increasingly limited space, the attic rooms is no longer left empty and “lonely”. With a touch of creativity, the attic rooms can be a dream room full of exciting things. It could be used as a playroom, study room, even bedroom. Includes a mini work area or office.It is necessary for a strong attic rooms structure. Various materials can created to make the structure of the attic rooms such as, wood can be an option for attic rooms structure. But wood has its drawbacks as well. As you know, the wood easily eaten by termites. Also vulnerable shrinkage expansion due to weather changes. It is necessary to treat (treatment) with a special polish residue or liquid anti-termite.

The other option is a steel-shaped cross-sectional profile of the letters H, I, U, and C. In addition to its high power, its ability to form a block span up to 6 meters, makes ettic rooms without a pole and a connection. But the price of steel is relatively expensive. And last but not least important, the material is corrosive if not get paint protection. Another case if it is protected by zinc and aluminum.

Another alternative is a concrete floor structure. There are two options. Conventional concrete created by casting in place. While precast concrete is a composite that has been processed at the plant. Here are some images the utilization of the attic rooms, so that could be your inspiration to be able to take advantage of the attic rooms.
attic rooms1

attic rooms for bedroom

attic rooms 2

attic rooms for lounge

attic rooms 3

attic rooms for bedroom

attic rooms 4

attic rooms for bedroom

attic rooms 5

attic rooms for work area

attic rooms 6

attic rooms for playroom