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10x15ft Home Theater Design

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

Do you have a basement or spare room in your house that you’d like to turn into a home theater? Are you building a new house and would like to design a home theater from scratch? 10x15ft home theater design can be an option for those who do not have much time for entertainment outside the home to feel like going to the cinema, hanging out, shopping and so on. When a person has limited time but want entertainment, it just remain silent even sleep when there is no entertainment at home. This makes the person more saturated and increasingly frustrated. Therefore, home theater later became part of the interior of the house which favored by many people. Do not need to have  a spacious room such in the cinema, you can have a room entertainment by 10x15ft home theater design. In addition to enjoying the entertainment, if you have a lot of money, of course you can choose a home theater design concept which you desire. Ranging from classics to futuristic concepts, can be realized in accordance of the demand. It could also be coupled with the elements which you want, depending on the width of your home theater room. Not all home theater design concept of a luxury room which consists of a wide-screen television, sound system equipped with luxury and good quality. Therefore, this concept may be an inspiration for you to have a home theater which desirable. There are some  10x15ft home theater design is quite unique and makes you feel comfortable to unwind and enjoy the entertainment which you want. The following 10x15ft home theater design:

family room as home theater

back to nature home theater theme

pillow carpet

Warm Colors for Family Room

Monday, July 9th, 2012

Warm Colors for Family Room. Colors are applied to the walls not only to beautify the look of the family room, but also gives a certain impression. If you plan to change the interior color of the house, especially the family room, then you should consider the effects resulting from the use of certain colors.

Warm colors for family room create a cozy and more intimate effect also create the feel of a smaller and shade in the large room. Warm colors can be an option if you want to bring a relaxed and intimate. Because warm colors associated with the sun and fire, the warm colors represent this philosophical nature of heat, light, and motion. If warm colors are placed in a concurrent design with cool colors, the warm colors will dominate and provide a visual pressure.

This colors are very fitting if used in a room that needs a nice warm atmosphere in the family room for example. These effects of warm colors that applied in the family room:

Yellow, the color of happiness, warmth, and even cheerful, and luxury. Appropriate when applied to the family room. Moreover, it also can be used to design the study and work space.

yellow family room
Pink, looks sweet, feminine, and are able to create an impression of fun. You can present these color to the family room to create a tempting look. It’s good idea if pink combined with white so it looks more dynamic and interesting.

pink family room
Red, describe something with full energy, active, warm and enthusiastic. It would be interesting if it is used as accents in the family room.

red family room
Brown, this color can give the impression of a warm, comfortable and peaceful, so it be the most preferred by most people. Brown fit perfectly with a warm atmosphere for a relaxing in the family room. Suitable also be used to design the living room.

brown family room
Orange, the color is able to give the impression of a warm, happy, cheerful and energetic. So that properly used in the family room to give the impression of intimacy between you and the family.

orange family room

You can also create a warm family room with colored furniture such as sofas, coffee tables, shelves, carpets, curtains and other accessories that you can use.