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Wood House Design

Friday, February 10th, 2012
Wood House Design. Now, everyone becomes a part of the program “go green” issues ranging from global down to the closest thing to our lives, home. Material in manufacturing a house that is now starting on the seek a lot of people adjusted to “go green” theme or spirit back to nature. This home concept is becoming known as eco-friendly homes.
wood house

With a square roof form, the four main pillars, and the house design is rectangular-shaped. This wood house is usually inspired by a modern concrete house designs, just replaced the house material by wood. Usually consists of two floors or more, and its size was felt widely. wood house Much like a fully white room, wood house result is intense and plays on opposites – but unlike an all-white interior space, everything here is somehow made warmer through visual variety and the warm tones of the wood. wood house Design of wood house in principle is same as a standard house. The difference is, the aesthetic element in a wood house more highlighted. Wood material is very supportive of aesthetic value, although there is a little  complicated when compared to the value of its function, because its shape is not simple when compared to concrete or cement. wood house stairs in the house, if made ​​of wood, the design will look more exotic, complex, and certainly more aesthetic. Then, the stairs not only serves as a basis to get to the top floor of the house, but also the interior ornaments are of high artistic merit.

Luxury W Retreat and Spa Design in Bali

Monday, August 8th, 2011
Luxury W Retreat and Spa Relaxation Area Design in Bali

Luxury W Retreat and Spa Relaxation Area Design in Bali

Luxury W Retreat and Spa Design in Bali. Bali is an island that is very popular among foreign tourists over the world, with natural beauty and variety of interesting deals there. Bali is one of the small islands in Indonesia is always present a variety of residential facilities, the resort, including spa special place designed so interesting. The following offerings, building a portrait spa to relax and enjoy a treatment facility so that more fresh bodies to be the location that is so rich and wonderful art. Ingenious design of the spa world in Bali Indonesia was inspired by the design of Hong Kong. Presented with the perfect facilities for relaxation activities. A large bed, beautiful room and bathroom, the white marble of the facilities that guarantee the best service executives.

Luxury W Retreat and Spa Relax Place Design in Bali

Luxury W Retreat and Spa Relax Place Design in Bali