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Living Space Perfectly by Arrangement Furniture Layout: Matrix Residence in Taipei

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

modern retreat

The perfect living space is certainly a very attractive place to live, like in the Matrix Hotel in Taipei. M.Y. Interior Design shared a modern retreat with quite a few interesting features by arrangement furniture layout. You can see in this photos below, a practical furniture arrangement layout precisely defines the demarcation of living functions. Commercial LED lighting is-adopted to accentuate the living space. Which makes it unique is that the box shape of LED lighting and it is stand out, providing dramatic lighting in this living space. And the result is brown furniture are increasingly stand out. With polygonal lines, the corner of the entrance door integrates the entrance hall with walls for storage. Bookcase together with the screen, then display walls that have disorderly gradations become the main focus.

unique bookshelves

LCD TV and projectors into a dual-scale audio-visual spoiling users a variety of sensory experience. The TV wall is painted with white baking finish to bring succinct and well-executed perception. When interior rooms tend beyond the gray and white, then in the bedroom is dominated by shades of brown and white. Chocolate gives a warm impression on clean white color. Slightly different on the bathroom wall is given a touch of blue to obtain a refreshing impression. With a big glass on its sides gives impression of vast bathroom. The living habits of users are taken into consideration: the bar counter for light meals is at the corner of the dining room and kitchen to the make the most use of area efficiency. By bringing art and cultural vibes in the hallway, the monotonous corridor was converted into a visual focus. By arrangement furniture layout, so the needed of living space can be met and fulfilled. It’s a perfect residence.

interior design

white wall for interior design


bookshelves as main focus

kitchen bar

bathroom interior

Bedroom theme

bedroom storage

great interior design

matix residence plan

Floating Bedside Tables for Your Small Bedroom

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

Floating Bedside Tables for Your Small Bedroom. OK. Like a yesterday, I love to post an article all about the bedroom. When I begin organizing my space (bedroom), I will take all that I need in bed. Books, bedside lamps, alarm clocks, photographs and some flowers maybe. Also decorative accessories to combine them then place them in my floating bedside tables. Yes, I am kind of fascinated with floating bedside tables.  They look sleek, simple and modern in the usual bedside tables. Usually the form does not take place but I need some screws to attach it to the wall, so it would be difficult to be moved. If you could get an L-shaped floating bedside tables and install it onto a wall yourself, you could save yourself some much needed floor space. And this floating bedside tables can not accommodate too many heavy items. The following are my favorite floating bedside.