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6 Kitchen Layout Based on the Fridge-Oven-Sink Work Triangle

Saturday, April 12th, 2014

You are planning to make a kitchen set for the home kitchen? There are a few things that you should understand before making a decision, yes it is kitchen layout. For those of you who like to cook, the kitchen is the most important part of the house. The comfort kitchen will certainly affect your mood in the ideas and the creation of dishes. The kitchen has also become the benchmark of how important the value of cleanliness and tidiness for homeowners – homeowners character can be known through the atmosphere and form the kitchen. Modern life requires fundamental changes. The kitchen is designed so beautifully with the kitchen set and features a variety of modern kitchen appliances. Thus often the kitchen then just be a display, it is legitimate. However, that must be considered is the basic of the three main activities in it. That is, cooking washing and cooking supplies store.

Based on the function kitchen divided into two wet kitchen and dry kitchen. In the wet kitchen cooking activities actually carried out, such as preparing food from raw to processed into food that is ready to eat. While the dry kitchen, most people just make that quick and easy meals to be served, such as preparing breakfast. For the modern family, the dry kitchen can also be a place for a family gathering while enjoying small dishes. The kitchen layout is usually combined with the family room or dining room and equipped with modern kitchen equipment. The principle for kitchen layout is used as a basic reference for architects and interior designers to design a healthy modern kitchen, comfortable and functional, based on the concept of a triangle (triangle concept). The concept of the triangle kitchen layout is a continuous flow of activities between storage area (refrigerator) – cleaning (sink) – cooking (oven). Placement kitchen layout of each area has several variations that are tailored to the needs and shape of the kitchen space itself.

Each storage area-cleaning-cooking clearly separated by a short distance, so the cooking will be more efficient and very comfortable. Kitchen layout is suitable to be applied to the kitchen area with medium and large extents. The weakness of this kitchen layout is there are a lot of dead areas in the corners of the cabinet meeting. While the advantages of this layout is the availability of U Shape counter top (table) that is long enough so that the cooking will be more flexible. Also available will be a lot of storage area (storage). Another plus is possible to increase the island table can serve as an area of ​​cooking, cleaning, or preparing.

L shape kitchen layout is the most popular and commonly chosen in many households. Usually the selection of this L shape kitchen layout kitchen activities are intended to be focused on the right-hand surd a space. L shape layout is perfect for your kitchen area with small and medium-sized extents. When applied to a large area it will not be efficient because the cabinet would be too long, and the distance of each area will be too far away. Orientation cabinet L shape will form the shape of a rectangular blank area, so this layout allows for the placement of a table dining-kitchen area so can blend with the kitchen area.

Island kitchen floor is not actually a form of a modern kitchen layout. Island kitchen floor is an additional element in a kitchen layout, good layout form L, U, or G. The form of a cabinet or stand-alone table is not attached to the main cabinet and the wall of kitchen-kitchen so that users able to walk. This cabinet can serve as a storage area or cooking area and cleaning area. And can also be combined with a bar where breakfast (breakfast). All variations are determined by the needs of kitchen user.

Shape G Shape layout is an improvement of the layout of the U Shape, namely the addition of a cabinet on one side of the open section. This additional section is commonly called a peninsula. Usually the addition of this cabinet along a minimum of 1.2 meters which functioned as a serving table or dining table for breakfast (breakfast) a pretty high bar table. Or it could also put a stove or sink (kitchen-sink). G betuk kitchen layout can be applied to a wide area of kitchen, in a large family and enjoys cooking. Just like layout U-Shape G Shape This layout has the advantage of storage area (storage) and table (counter top) that much more.

Kitchen layout consists of 2 lines and elongated cabinet facing each other so as to form a corridor in the middle. Each storage area-cleaning-cooking clearly separated by position is not too far away. This layout allows the kitchen drawer (drawer) in the second cabinet facing can be opened at the same time. This is a form of double line form the most efficient and the maximum utilization of space in the kitchen. Because there is no dead space caused by the angle at cabinet meeting. But this form is not ideal if the corridor between the two opposing cabinet there are a lot of people passing by.

Shape kitchen layout simplest form of the composition area displaying straight cabinet-shaped ‘I’ on a wall. This arrangement is suitable to be applied in a small house because they do not spend too much space. Most importantly from a one-wall kitchen layout is the position of the stove and the kitchen-sink that should not be wrong, because it would cause chaos in the flow of cooking. The best position is the placement of kitchen-sink at the center position between the stove and refrigerator. Leave enough area among the three areas. so it can be used for preparatory activities such as compounding process or cutting food.

But in principle, some of the above kitchen layout can be used as a reference base. Issues such as the choice of kitchen design minimalist style, modern or traditional-depending on your taste.

Small Wooden and Glass Dining Table, Vanessa Dining Table by Bartoli

Friday, May 20th, 2011
Wooden and Glass Element of Vanessa Dining Table by Bartoli

Wooden and Glass Element of Vanessa Dining Table by Bartoli

Small Wooden and Glass Dining Table, Vanessa Dining Table by Bartoli. For your dining needs, we present a design dining table, designed with minimalist shape. This table uses the use of layers of walnut wood that is cut in thin like a butterfly, then comes the glass on the table top. Furniture that is quite unique minimalist desk is from Vanessa Dining Table – designed by Bartoli for the Italian manufacturer Bonaldo. Wood color created by nature, bring the original style of this furniture.

Unique Vanessa Dining Table by Bartoli

Unique Vanessa Dining Table by Bartoli