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Bamboo House Interior and Exterior Design

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012
Bamboo House Interior and Exterior Design. Bamboo is a good element to build a natural feel to the exterior and interior in your house. Bamboo is one of plants that can found in the tropics. Currently, bamboo has a popularity as a form of art environmentally friendly architecture.
Bamboo has a unique color and texture. Those uniqueness are very nice to fitted as the exterior, for example in the house yard wall. This exterior decoration will create wall around have a strong character and unique. Although bamboo has an impression as a traditional element, but it still can be modified with a more modern style in any room. Examples for application of bamboo house interior is used as a room partition or paired with a textured wall.
Bamboo house interior
Beside bamboo house has uniqueness, the bamboo is also a natural material. The bamboo house interior designs also effectively keeps the home cool. This is because bamboo has got the unique ability of reducing the heat at noon and quite warm at night.
Or you can use bamboo as the interior in your room, one of which is used as a bed from bamboo.
bamboo house interior
Bamboo house flooring can be installed in any room, just like wood flooring. You can set it up horizontally, vertically, or dangle style fabric. Lay the board flat on the ground to create a horizontal design. This will make the books that grow on plants (bamboo) looks more natural. For the vertical force, separate lanes or lines with a thin bamboo on each side to form a longer and creates a thin line. Floors will look tight and sophisticated! The third installation of the model is a form of dangling fabric. Lane or line of bamboo-strip to be coated, compressed, and held to make the floor stronger.
utilizing hollow bamboo wall to wall, instead of rooster can take a look at the work of architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe.
Bamboo house for porous walls of this can present a cool space with the natural air through the holes. As an idea, we can also use this type of bamboo house walls for insulation between rooms with garden or just make the gazebo behind the plantation house.
For durable bamboo house, we can use bamboo, which is preserved with chemicals. Besides an easy way to preserve the bamboo is to moisten it with diesel fuel.
bamboo house interior

Small Table Furniture Set for Bedroom Interior, Milan 2010

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011
The Night Desk for Bedroom Interior by Milan

The Night Desk for Bedroom Interior by Milan

Small Table Furniture Set for Bedroom Interior, Milan 2010. Ideas on the creation of furniture, strived to be able to complement the beauty of the interior space or as supporters of the other furniture that became the main element in every room. The interior is presented in the following portrait, presents a unique table design that serves as a storage for small items, as well as the completeness of the space interesting. In this case, the role is still the same, but the designers did a great job at spicing up looks like. Diagonal rack and rotate the light line and a little eccentricity to add luxury bedroom and not too mention the function.

Night Furniture Design by Milan

Night Furniture Design by Milan