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Interior Home Design Enchanced by Gabled Forms in Kyoto

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Interior Home Design Enchanced by Gabled Forms in Kyoto. In first looking the front of the house, maybe we would think that this is an ‘ordinary’ design. However, I believe when you see the inside of the interior home design will be instantly hooked. The interior home design exhibited by Hazukashi House, contemporary family home in the suburbs of Kyoto, Japan. This interior home design is very minimalist with wooden ornaments dominance. The core of the residence is the dining room, where the whole family can gather after a day of activity outside the home. The dominance of wooden ornaments made ​​room for the family to socialize more warm, friendly and fun.

I imagine it’s like the kids who are drawing a pretty house on a piece of paper, and then on magic into a real home, but on a slightly larger scale. A central wooden staircase opens become the focus of in the house, the wooden staircase connects the family socialization zone with the bedrooms and study at the upper floor. All of these into one, this is a home that exudes warmth and creativity of interior home design.

This interior home design is so simple yet comfortable, and it looks so amazingly fantastic and stylish with its gabled forms, I want to say to the designer if this interior home design is truly amazing. You can look around the room is filled with ornaments made ​​of wood, looks elegant but still powerful and eye-catching. This is it, everyone’s dream residence.

Sliding Door Curtains to Beautify Your Room

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

Sliding Door Curtains to Beautify Your Room. If I had been discussing about aluminum sliding doors or glass sliding doors, now I will post an article about the sliding door curtains. Sliding glass doors have been used in a wide variety of home designs, and make it more elegant and modern.  But it will look more beautiful if you add a sliding door curtains. Based on the function, sliding door curtains are used to reduce incoming sunlight into the room. Because they blur the borders and keep us connected with our visually vibrant surroundings. Then a lot of people use the sliding door curtains and sliding door to beautify the room. In addition, long sliding door curtains will make the room look more spacious. Curtains not only bring advantages such as privacy and light settings, but they also help to really lift the look in your home. Sliding door curtains that come in the same color as decoration or similar fabric to your couch cushion exudes a sophisticated and refined atmosphere.
Design sliding door curtains are very varied. Sliding door curtains without motive (plain) is used to create a warm atmosphere in the room. However, if you want a fresh look, you can use the sliding door curtains with chic patterns such as flowers, patterns of dots, stripes pattern.  Then how about the installation? Sliding door curtains can be installed only a few easy steps. After specify best design, color and materials, you can install it quickly. Some sliding door curtains require installation kit will be provided with the purchase, but most can be installed with only a few support brackets. Now you can just choose your favorite sliding door curtains.