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Apartment Decorating Themes on Black and White Combination by Russian Studio INT2 Architecture

Monday, May 19th, 2014

Apartment decorating themes for some people becomes very important because this is the way to get your apartment be a fun and comfortable residential. In addition to considering the apartment decorating themes, you also have to consider your own budget. Adjust the apartment decorating themes you choose, whether it is elegant, modern or masculine as this apartment decorating themes on black and white combination visualized by Russian studio INT2 Architecture.

Apartment decorating themes on black and white colors shown on the walls and furniture are used. White walls contribute to the fresh look and overall clean, while large windows allowing an abundance of natural light inside all the rooms of the loft. A vintage feel is subtly released in the living area, due to the leather armchairs and ottoman. This is contrasted by the modernist fireplace, desk and minimalist lighting neighboring additions above. Which makes it looks to be very liquid is the presence of parquet flooring delivering a warm atmosphere.

Selection of the black color for apartment decorating themes is not exactly same. This suggests that despite same color, black can still give the impression of gradation while maintaining the same apartment decorating themes in each room. The bright white color at the sink makes it even more beautiful. However, you can see how the walls are gray patterned be a the dominant part of the unity of this bathroom. Existing lighting in the bathroom is also very strong and gives the impression of elegance.

10x15ft Home Theater Design

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

Do you have a basement or spare room in your house that you’d like to turn into a home theater? Are you building a new house and would like to design a home theater from scratch? 10x15ft home theater design can be an option for those who do not have much time for entertainment outside the home to feel like going to the cinema, hanging out, shopping and so on. When a person has limited time but want entertainment, it just remain silent even sleep when there is no entertainment at home. This makes the person more saturated and increasingly frustrated. Therefore, home theater later became part of the interior of the house which favored by many people. Do not need to have  a spacious room such in the cinema, you can have a room entertainment by 10x15ft home theater design. In addition to enjoying the entertainment, if you have a lot of money, of course you can choose a home theater design concept which you desire. Ranging from classics to futuristic concepts, can be realized in accordance of the demand. It could also be coupled with the elements which you want, depending on the width of your home theater room. Not all home theater design concept of a luxury room which consists of a wide-screen television, sound system equipped with luxury and good quality. Therefore, this concept may be an inspiration for you to have a home theater which desirable. There are some  10x15ft home theater design is quite unique and makes you feel comfortable to unwind and enjoy the entertainment which you want. The following 10x15ft home theater design:

family room as home theater

back to nature home theater theme

pillow carpet