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Apartment Decorating Themes on Black and White Combination by Russian Studio INT2 Architecture

Monday, May 19th, 2014

Apartment decorating themes for some people becomes very important because this is the way to get your apartment be a fun and comfortable residential. In addition to considering the apartment decorating themes, you also have to consider your own budget. Adjust the apartment decorating themes you choose, whether it is elegant, modern or masculine as this apartment decorating themes on black and white combination visualized by Russian studio INT2 Architecture.

Apartment decorating themes on black and white colors shown on the walls and furniture are used. White walls contribute to the fresh look and overall clean, while large windows allowing an abundance of natural light inside all the rooms of the loft. A vintage feel is subtly released in the living area, due to the leather armchairs and ottoman. This is contrasted by the modernist fireplace, desk and minimalist lighting neighboring additions above. Which makes it looks to be very liquid is the presence of parquet flooring delivering a warm atmosphere.

Selection of the black color for apartment decorating themes is not exactly same. This suggests that despite same color, black can still give the impression of gradation while maintaining the same apartment decorating themes in each room. The bright white color at the sink makes it even more beautiful. However, you can see how the walls are gray patterned be a the dominant part of the unity of this bathroom. Existing lighting in the bathroom is also very strong and gives the impression of elegance.

Modern Apartment Building Design for Dynamic Students

Saturday, February 1st, 2014

Modern Apartment Building Design for Dynamic Students. Modern apartment building are preferred place to stay favored by the people who started in major cities, including students in the city of Paris. Modern apartment building is a residential home-like in general, only if the residential-housing, arranged horizontally spread across the land available, while modern apartment building, arranged vertically so as to create a mass of high-rise buildings containing dwelling units. Usually in each floor comprises between 4-8 depending on the apartment planners. Factors completeness of facilities, security and strategic location  in modern apartment building is a primary consideration. One of modern apartment building that are currently present in Paris is a modern apartment building has been designed by OFIS Architects.
This modern apartment building deliberately built for students by offers a dynamic apartment concept view to the exterior surface. The very characteristic of this modern apartment building comes in its unusual exterior design of the which is resulted from the balconies-baskets. Sited shifted in a very long and narrow space, this modern apartment building stands in 11 m width and 200 m length extending along the Street Des Petits Ponts roommates also a role as a new Paris tram route. This amazing building consisting 11 floors is divided into two parts connected with a garden. Each modern apartment building has the same size and facilities Including an entrance, bathroom, wardrobe, kitchenette, working space, a bed and a balcony overlooking the fashionable city.
The modern apartment building is designed with a unique touch of asymmetric as room accents. Interior elements selected according to the needs of residential students, but still reflects the impression of a “warm” so that all residents can feel comfortable despite being out of his personal space units. Some sitting areas include a communal area adjacent to the lobby. The sitting room is free to use by both occupants to receive guests, gather with neighbors and sit back and enjoy the beauty of the park.